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When I came home, I decided to have a quick meal to become energetic & happy (when I eat, I am happy, it’s okay).

When I came home, I decided to have a quick meal to become energetic & happy (when I eat, I am happy, it’s okay).

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What makes you happy and what makes me happy are completely different things.

Whatever feeling happiness gives you is determined by you, and only you.

They may argue that it gives people the ability to buy whatever they may want and that causes us to be pleased with our purchase.

They may even argue that money allows one to be charitable to others.

Close family relationships are very supportive and helpful to the pursuit of happiness.

People with cheerful childhoods are more likely to continue being joyful as an adult.

It never seems to stop.” The author is explaining that in our western culture we tend to always want materialistic objects but the more we receive the more we want.

The desire for material things leads to greed which makes us unhappy. They may argue that it allows us to have carefree lives because we do not have financial strain with money.

For some reason, many students get sad or get scared a little, when they face such a task about happiness, thinking about it as a problem, but let me support you. In the evening I did not want to do anything, not even talking about making it good or telling about things, that make me happy in my life. I postponed the text about happiness and its material gathering for later.

There is nothing hard or complicated in our world, just try to concentrate on writing about happiness, what makes you happy. I'll talk about how I managed to write a good happiness essay; it can be material or spiritual for a person in her/his life. When we get a similar task on this topic the next time, I tried to change the tactics.


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