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I was told that my mother was involved in a car accident and was seriously injured. I stood rooted to the ground for a few seconds before rishing to the hospital.I was informed by the doctor that my mother had injured her spine and was paralysed waist down.

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Upon hearing the news, i broke down uncontrollably.

Kneeling down beside her, i begged for her forgiveness but all she could do was to give me a weak smile through her feeble lips.

There,sitting cross-legged on the cold marble was a frail lady. The dark rings around her downcast eyes showed that she had not been sleeping well.

Even her cheek bones could be seen under her sunken cheek, her listless eyes stared into the air as she fingered a checked cloth. She was once a ravishing beauty, with her long,silky, black hair, slim, prominent nose, eyes like chocolate drops and pale slim hands.

They care about their student’s futures and strive to push us to the brink of excellence that we all have within ourselves.

I want to be that teacher one day, a teacher who inspires students to achieve nothing short of excellence.While in the academy I developed computing machine accomplishments and huge cognition in computing machine networking.Soon an unexpected chance came that changed my fate.I will not say perfect, because perfection is often unobtainable and when a person does not meet that expectation, it can cause self doubt.I do say excellence, because excellence is something that is very much obtainable and when met can cause a person to never stop pursuing his or her goals or dreams.I was tapped to be portion of the squad to develop the system.For the first clip I was depended on and trusted that I could do a difference for the academy.No sum of fiscal crisis or planetary recessions can halt me now because I am determined to win.Education has made my life better in the aspect that I work full time in the methane fields and knowing that my industry could die at any given moment.To be able to guide them in that anything they want to do is possible through a quality education.My father always told me, “it is better to use your head than your back.” I have not always taken my father’s advice, but after putting in some physical manual labor, I am beginning to understand what he was talking about and that I should heed his advice.


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