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In the final chapter, Hirschman takes the opposite tack and discusses progressive narratives which are equally simplistic and flawed.

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This collection of 26 wide-ranging essays is framed as making the case for compassionate conservation and why it is the only “acceptable road on which to travel into the future.” The book falls somewhat short in this regard.

Unfortunately, the introduction is more a lament on the humanities’ “arrogance” and “wounding ways” rather than an effort to scope a set of questions to guide individual chapters: The five section introductions summarize chapter content rather than draw out evidence and insight to build a core narrative and thesis.

Books in which underlying assumptions and practices are examined in order to unsettle and inspire are therefore welcome.

The relationship between animal welfare and species conservation is one area ripe for debate.

Brian Czech's “The imperative of steady state economics for wild animal welfare” has a similarly intriguing and ambitious title but starts with the reactionary statement that economic growth is “surely the greatest of all forms of inhumanity in terms of the gross amount of wild animal suffering.” Czech then goes on to describe the obvious impacts of development on animals rather than presenting arguments that might mobilize animal welfare sentiment pools around the challenge of steering society toward a steady-state economy. ” David John summarizes learning from other social movements to argue that conservationists lack political nous, insider strategies, and the capacity to build mass communities without reference to histories of conservation that provide ample evidence to the contrary.

This combination of an antihuman tone, underdeveloped arguments, and limited engagement with the broader conservation literature undermines an otherwise promising collection.

[6] Today, the right-handed twin lives in the Sky-World, and the left-handed twin lives in the dark underworld.

There is a growing sense that conservation needs to undergo a period of self-reflection if it is to retain its cultural and policy salience in our rapidly changing world.

Although many people feel that keeping animals captive in zoos is cruel, zoos are necessary for animal conservation and research. the significance of the wall between himself and others C.

Explanation: In essays, the thesis statement is the main statement or claim that guides this type of academical text. that imprisoning him would not solve the problem D.


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