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No, this is the opportunity to be super critical and super detailed about the type of person you as a customer moving forward.They’re the people that make your job easy, don’t ruffle feathers and who are super appreciative of what you do.

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For example, in this photographer’s case, they’ve identified that most of their customers participate in marathons.

So what if they found an opportunity to sponsor a marathon as a marketing opportunity?

Just as we all have strengths to leverage, we also all have weaknesses.

The important thing to remember when thinking about your weaknesses for your own photography business plan is that the weaknesses you list should be things you’re looking to improve before the end of the calendar year.

They pay what you want them to pay, and they don’t think twice about it.

So, while they might not be who you’re working with now, it’s important to document who they would be going forward. For our sample photography business plan, we’re going to list the following attributes for this Philadelphia-based photographer’s ideal customer (see if any are on your list, too): While much of the above list seems to have nothing to do with photography, it reveals some interesting marketing opportunities.Because when you realize a list of strengths that your competitors do not have, you may see some opportunities for further growth.The key to market significance and capitalization is to leverage your strengths to their fullest So, while strengths are competitive differentiators, weaknesses are holding you back from even more success.As photographers, most of us just want to be behind the camera. The good news about planning, however, is that you really only need to lay out a photography business plan once a year and then visit it monthly to ensure things are staying on track (or to see if things need adjusting).If we had all the money in the world, we’d pay someone to do our marketing, respond to emails, do our post-processing, and do our business planning for us. If you plan to start a photography business and have never done a photography business plan before, it probably sounds kinda scary, right?And even though there are other photography businesses, your competitors are only really the select few that your typical client considers.Now, picturing those few competitors, when you’re thinking about your strengths, you want to be thinking of the strengths you offer that these competitors don’t.And sometimes I catch myself thinking, “gosh darn it, how did they get so lucky?”And then I realize that it probably was only a sprinkling of luck on top of a solid foundation of planning and a bucket of sweat to represent their hard work.Negative Space I look at those famous photographers, too.You know, the ones who have tons of gear and who seem to be growing bigger and bigger every year.


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