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Located in sunny Los Angeles, USC is very popular among high school students, proven by the most recent admissions cycle where they received over 64,000 applications. A part from its location, USC also offers students a diverse range of strong academic programs.The university has 13 undergraduate schools that offer prospective students the chance to dive deep into a subject matter that is not always offered as a major: Many of these undergraduate schools/programs only accept a handful of students, making the application process even more selective.

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I’ve always been attracted to the hero of the story, Yossarian.” Check out his USC student profile to find out more about how Catch-22 influenced his life.

Essay Excerpt from Ingoma University of Southern California ‘22 “Public speaking has never been my forte. Part of the reason is due to my fear public speaking; which only increased when I began high school. I am afraid of speaking out at times, but when I hear something I don’t think is right, I have to speak up.” View her USC profile to learn how she dealt with her fear of public speaking.

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In addition to helping admissions counselors get to know you better through writing, you should pay attention to your organization, spelling, and grammar.

Simple mistakes in those areas can outshine your true potential.

Boasting over 21 colleges, academies, and schools of study that offer hundreds of majors, and thousands of courses, USC offers enough variety for the most curious students.

USC uses the Common App, which means you can access all essay questions on the Common App portal.

The experience encouraged me to stay motivated and shaped me as a student because I realized someone cared and believed in me.” Unlock her USC profile to read her college essay about her time tutoring!

Essay Excerpt from Croesquared University of Southern California ‘21 “My favorite book of all time is Catch-22.


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