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America, he said, was fighting to liberate the peoples of the world, including the Germans.

America, he said, was fighting to liberate the peoples of the world, including the Germans.

The analogy to the period prior to the outbreak of World War I is striking.

China, "the Germany of (that) time," as American historian Robert Kagan puts it, is the emergent world power still seeking to define its role within the global community.

Wilson argued that goal of the war had to be the establishment of "community power" and not a "balance of power," and to achieve "organized common peace" instead of "organized rivalries." In other words, only a "peace without victory" could bring the war in Europe to an end.

In his speech, Wilson staked out his position within the fundamental conflict that characterized American foreign policy at the time.

The Germans, who had not been opposed to the idea of peace talks until then, responded nine days later with the resumption of unlimited submarine warfare.

When his private secretary, Joseph Tumulty, brought him the news, Wilson's face became pale, and he said: "This means war." Wilson was inaugurated into his second term on March 5, 1917.

The battle he started in the US between idealists and realists continues to this day.

"Sarajevo, 21st-century version." This is how political scientist Anne-Marie Slaughter, the director of policy planning under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, refers to what is currently brewing off the Chinese coast, where the territorial claims of several nations overlap.

"Wilsonian foreign policy" is premised on the notion, established in the Puritan days of the founding fathers, that the United States should emulate the Biblical city on the hill, a role model for all other nations.

The country has a mission to fulfill: that of bringing light into the darkness of bondage and dependency.


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