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The old school way of thought suggests that recent college graduates should attend on-campus MBA programs and fully-employed mid-career professionals should take the online option.

After exhaustive research, she decided she wanted a small, high-touch, in-person MBA program that could help smooth her transition.

“Warrington’s two-year traditional program was the perfect fit for me,” she says.

“I was able to take the time that I needed to learn, to grow, and to decide what I wanted to do longer term.

I was able to bond with my cohort and take advantage of the resources that come with the broader UF community.

As a first-year student, she was on the team that represented UF at the SEC MBA case competition, where they placed first.

She went on to serve as president of the Women in Business Association, coordinator for student career coaches, and an admissions ambassador.Additionally, by being in the two-year traditional program, I was awarded a significant scholarship that reduced my debt burden to nothing.This return on investment was very important to me as I wanted to be able to select a career that would make me happy, not just one I needed to pay back my loan debt.” O’Hara wasn’t the type to sit quietly at the back of the class.“For anyone making the difficult decision of how to pursue their graduate education, I will say that it is critical to know you are making the decision and what you hope to get from it.This self-reflection will greatly influence whether you want to pursue an online program, on-campus program, or something else entirely.And, with the advent of better online MBA programs, the number of choices has effectively doubled.You not only have to decide to get your MBA but also in which format.“I was privileged to have a group that made assignments and studying for exams sustainable,” she says.“My core group was made up of engaging, responsive, and bright students who collaboratively worked to be successful from term to term.She worked in the federal government for six years, including a stint as a leadership analyst for an intelligence organization, before making the decision to change her career trajectory.She knew she wanted to make the jump to the private sector, but wasn’t sure exactly where to aim.


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