Thesis Statement And Drug Abuse

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A thesis statement ought to be founded on the article question to which your paper on drugs is an answer.The thesis statement can be one sentence or more than one sentence however it is recommended that it ought to be just a single sentence. These cases did always catch the attention of civil people who by showing interest in such cases revealed their worries about the future of their own children that one-day might face this problem, too.

Million of people followed the case from its very beginning and did have certain expectations concerning the outcome of the case.

The specifics of the case made people have twofold points of view when analyzing the solution that was delivered by Justice Clarence Thomas concerning the case. Summarizing the main point in the opinion of the case it is necessary to start from its very beginning.

Yet I couldn’t stop playing, as though my hands were bewitched.

I kept thinking my fingers would adjust themselves back, like a train switching to the right track.

The main point of the argument was that USAs government charge of Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative breach of the Controlled Substances Acts and mainly its embargo for distributing, manufacturing, and possessing of the substance, as far as marijuana is listed in the Controlled Substances Act.

The activity of the Cooperative continued in spite of the Districts Court decision and its activity was very intense.

The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative with Jeffrey Jones as a head started its life according to Californias Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and was started to follow medical purposes of distributing marijuana to people that in accordance with their state of health qualify for it as a treatment.

This organization spent two years distributing marijuana to qualified patients until the year of 1998, when it was sued by USA.

The key issue presented by the Cooperative was its medical necessity defense, other words they stated that all the marijuana that was distributed by means of their organization was only distributed according to the medical necessity of this substance by qualified patients.

As it has been already mentioned the District Court made an injunction concerning the activity of the organization and the following consideration of the case lead to the Court of Appeal.


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