Theories Of Reflective Practice Essay

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I empowered Moll by helping to understand why things have happened the way there have and that her carer had left and because of confidentiality could not tell her the reason, I found a way in which she could gain control over at least some aspects of her life. After two weeks of having no answer, Molly and I rang social services as she was desparate to get her pension she then called care management, information didn’t seem to have been passed due to poor communication, Molly was transfared from one department to another I made Molly feel I have been there for her by listening and being sympathetic Egan(2001) stated that by listening carefully with calm considerate and courteous attitude communication is an aspect of social work which must be strongly emphasised.

I was a friendly face to talk to, for Molly to share her fears and concerns with, I was not there to criticise or judge or even pass comments; I was there for Molly to unload her burden and get her to take the right person example care manage and housing I helped Molly to make a list of problems that we could work to achieve together.

I raised Molly`s self-esteem and relieved her feelings of depression.

As it was important to realise that Molly social circumstance I used a psychosocial approach which according to Coulshed and Orme (1998) a treatment process process which included establishing a relationship, building ego support via clients identification with the workers strengths helping the client to grow in terms of identity and selfawareness and working In future if anything like this happens to me whilst working, I feel that it will be very important not to let the situation to escalate to such a degree.

Molly felt that she was discriminated and wasn’t understood.

Theories Of Reflective Practice Essay Rice University Phd Thesis

As Mollys was chatting me, I explained that I would try as best as I could to help her and would also ask for opinion from my supervise, so as to be sure I am in the right direction.The aims and objectives of this assignment are to reflect on an incident and to explain and understanding my theory of the incident.All names that I have used or will used are not real names, confidentiality will be maintained in accordance to the UK code of practice.When I reflect back I realised that before a worker visits Molly she is normally told of her history of being very abusive, and have realised that it became a precedent.When I first worked with Molly I never judged her, as my aim was to help her live within her community with accordance to the Nhs community care act 1990.Molly is frail and has a district nurse and a carer coming.Her vision is fair though she wears glasses sometimes.I feel my immediate actions meet Molly`s needs, I feel if I had been with Molly for a while I wouldn’t have let the situation go that far,, and would have helped her as an advocate.I feel through this incident I am developing a knowledge and experience, I am also becoming confident and more aware of interactions with others and how I also affect others without imposing my beliefs and values upon them.An attachment is a bond an intense emotional relationship that is specific to two people., that endures over time in which prolonged separation from the partner is accompanied by stress and sorrow.On my reflection of this incident I felt that the approach that I took was correct that this situation I could do no more for Molly except to make sure care management is providing enough service to meet her needs.


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