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The different interpretations of success are shown prominently through the views of Elliott Templeton and Laurence Darrell.Elliot for most of his life views success as becoming socially eminent and Larry believes success is happiness and the reaching of a state of enlightenment.

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The main characters of these stories are very different people, yet they are in search of similar goals. The main character of The Razor’s Edge is Larry Darryl. He brings joy to all, but in his heart & soul he isn’t happy.

Larry and Siddhartha go through several stages of their lives, which range from rich to poor and back again. He feels that he can learn any more from the wise men of his village because he has acquired all of their knowledge and they don’t know everything. A group of Samanas enters his village and intrigues him.

He goes one day to tell his father, but his father won’t allow it.

Siddhartha stands in his father all night until his father lets him go.

When he and Govinda leave Govinda tells Siddhartha of Gotama (the enlightened one) and they go to see him.

When Govinda leaves he tells the leader of the Samanas and he becomes angered. Both men were loved by all who came into contact with them.In my opinion, Elliott Templeton has a thoroughly misguided view on the true meaning of success for the majority of his life, and this has resulted in his snobbish attitude towards the lower classes of society.Elliot’s views a successful person as someone who is a prominent social figure and well-acknowledged by others.In the end they both found enlightenment in some way.Larry realized there were no rewards in life and Siddhartha became Buddha.Pick a character from the novel and discuss his goals and motives. Does he share similar goals and motives with other characters? How do the characters goals and motives affect their interaction with each other? 1) Why was greed and loyalty such an issue during this time?2) In what ways are the characters' negative characteristics a product of their time?It would be highly unsuitable to lodge the hoi polloi ... However, Maugham makes each of his characters value success in only one way, without considering that in the real world every person values success in several different ways.My own definition of success is an example of this, because I value success through material accomplishments and through its intangibles. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting. Somerset Maugham explores the different meanings of success, through the conflicting ideals of his characters.


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