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This event occurs at the canteen in the Ministry of Truth, a department where records are altered to aid Party propaganda. No matter how far our contemporary world may seem from 1984 himself as a political writer.

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Big Brother and his Party use many methods to keep their citizens suppressed and to give them false hopes, some of which include Thought Police and technology.

One such form of technology in 1984 is the telescreen –an instrument used mainly for issuing propaganda and observing citizens.

The Technology in 1984, by George Orwell, has a similar influence.

1984 portrays a totalitarian society, powered by the icon of Big Brother.

He through Winston's eyes and thoughts gives the reader an idea of the new society, which has no place for freedom, truth or human emotions. History shows, that certain government’s abuse their power and use it in various ways against their own people.

Both Stalin’s Party and the Party members from nineteen eight four by George Orwell, use their power against the people the govern over.

Manipulative propaganda is constantly streamed out of the telescreens to convince the citizens into presuming that the Party is improving their lifestyle.

This causes the citizens to obliviously believe any report coming from the telescreen and subsequently subjugate themselves to the Party without any rational reasoning, allowing the citizens to think of Big Brother as their saviour.

Propaganda is targeted at the Party members’ sentiments of contentment and security. The government of Oceania employs a majority of its citizens.

“The phrase ‘our new, happy life’ recurred several times. This gives it a massive amount of control because most of the populace relies on the government for income.


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