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The theme of redemption and salvation is the major theme of the book and is summed up in two famous quotes.

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Carton is a man of great potential who has unfortunately resigned himself to being a drunken slug who sits back and lets his meaningless life consume him: "I shall never be better than I am.

I shall only sink lower, and be worse" (Dickens p 137).

Manette] high personal popularity, and the clearness of his answers, made a great impression" (Dickens p 265). Darnay's freedom is short-lived for the same night that he is released he is picked up and arrested again. The outlook on the situation is extremely grim as everyone is preparing themselves for his execution: "Yes, he will perish: there is no real hope" (Dickens p 315).

This trial really shows how lucky Darnay is that he met the Manettes. As certain as Darnay's death seems, Carton switches places with Darnay and Darnay escaped safely back to England.

This is Darnay's third evasion of death, showing that there is always a hope for salvation, even in the seemingly certain death of Darnay.

Sydney Carton's redemption comes in a profound form.Dickens, in A Tale Of Two Cities, shows through the three characters, Dr.Manette, Charles Darnay and especially Sydney Carton, that no matter how bleak the outlook on a person's life may seem there is always a chance for redemption and salvation. Manette that salvation and redemption makes it possible to go from a deranged, demoralized being to a loving, caring, nurturing member of society.Manette's painful experience in prison and his resurrection back into society. Manette's story begins when he is imprisoned unjustly for eighteen years.The famous quote, "Recalled to life" (Dickens page 8), is used many times in A Tale Of Two Cities to describe Dr. The solitary time spent in the prison waiting for his certain death is so excruciating it makes Manette go insane. Manette is finally released he does not even know his own name: "one hundred and five north tower" (Dickens p 37) is all he says when asked. Lorry and Lucie Manette have the emotional stressful task of restoring Dr. Manette's health and even still he has a lot of trouble dealing with flashbacks of his agonizing years in prison: "ol air of avoidance and dread had lately passed over him, like a cold wind" (Dickens p 178). Even though he is a man of great intelligence, he worked day after day for eighteen years on one shoe maker's bench.If you want to have a brand-new, 100% original essay or research paper that has been written especially for you as per your unique instructions, please use our custom writing service.One click price quote Place your first order and get 5% off using discount code: 5off A inspiration in life that many people cling to is, that no matter how rough and demoralizing things get, there is always a possibility of redemption and salvation.Dickens, in A Tale Of Two Cities, shows that no matter how bleak a person's life might seem, redemption and salvation are always possible.Dickens develops the theme of redemption and salvation through Dr.Cartons depression gets to an unbearable point where he follows through on his promise to Lucie: "For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything" (Dickens p 140).Darnay is about to be executed and so Carton breaks into Darnay's cell and switches places: "It is a far, far, better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known" (Dickens p 352).


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