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It’s a mere fraction of what it took to start and run a t-shirt line. I’m not here to tell you how to keep your new, fledgling brand afloat.

It’s a mere fraction of what it took to start and run a t-shirt line. I’m not here to tell you how to keep your new, fledgling brand afloat.

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Screen printers come in all shapes and sizes and finding a solid one can be harder than you think! Play around with your price before hand, but stay consistent once you set them.

Do your homework and make your life and business so much easier. When it comes to T-Shirt screen printing, not all companies are created equal. It’s not always so cut and dry, but that’s a general rule.

Screen printing is far from a flawless process and the more accustomed with the process you become, the more you’ll understand that). If you’re original and fresh, you’ll never run into a problem. To this day, she’s extremely hesitant to start another business with me. Anything we disagreed about was initially taken offense to (primarily by me).

“Just design one before opening up shop,” one might say. I got into an all-out screaming match (and I’ll admit I have a temper, but this was absolutely provoked) with a printshop owner because he claimed that minor discrepancies are a part of the process (which they are – most companies allow a 5% screw up rate. By the end of Anomalous, my fiancée and I were at each other’s throats.

That is something that I do not have experience with.

What I am here to do, though, is explain how NOT to start a t-shirt company. You may have never heard it that way, but in this case it’s absolutely true. The algorithm is generally as follows: Cost x 2 = wholesale x 2 = retail. Even if your company’s name is “Orange Oompa Loompa Sweat”, you need to take that brand seriously. And, yes, nearly the same bleeping thing happened with the second printer. I can vouch for one in particular, lucky for you, and I will do so below. One man’s treasure can also be another man’s trash. If you’re rushing to make money because you’re out of a job like I was, you need to supplement. Factor in for shipping, and you’re paying a lot of money. It really relies on how much your printing costs are. If you plan on getting into stores, you’ll need to set a wholesale price. Another problem with a crappy quality printshop, is that most of them have workers that are even worse than they are. No one is going to be happy (yourself included) paying for an indy t-shirt that can double as a snowboard. You might want to read about my experience before continuing. We even thought of a cool, trendy name with a pretty neat message (“You’re different. But we didn’t THINK about anything that would be involved. My name is Justin and two and a half years ago my fiancee and I started a t-shirt company named Anomalous. From a very young age there have been two things that interest me more than anything else. Two of the most conflicting ideologies when it comes to trying to make a living. We envisioned drawing up a whole bunch of designs, creating a fancy website, and selling a million of them. If you’re here, I’ll assume that you, at the very least, share one of those two qualities. I realized that designing a t-shirt was a lot like painting on a blank canvas or drawing on a fresh sheet of paper. There are restrictions, as there are with any art medium, but for the most part you have the freedom to do what you’d like. What I failed to realize is that slapping some ink on a shirt and blindly creating an attractive website doesn’t equate to a solid business plan and ongoing sales. Hey, that’s right on par in terms of pricing, but it was too much for us. The problem (eventually a positive) was that I wanted to learn it all. Shopify makes it easy to setup your website and collect payments and they have a large selection of themes and plugins. We threw a “tee-party” (crafty, right) and invited all of our Facebook friends. The fact remains that companies like Johnny Cupcakes are one in a million. A great web design firm tried to charge me ,500 for a website. The day I discovered Shopify was one of the greatest days of my business life. Two of which sat there the entire time and gawked at my sister-in-law and talked our ears off about Lord Of The Rings or some other crap. I went upstairs and nearly cried about how much of a failure we were. It’s hard to watch the video above and not feel like you can take over the world with your little doodles and vector images.


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