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According to educator and creativity expert Ronald A.

According to educator and creativity expert Ronald A.

Study day 2 focuses on calculus, surds, indices and logarithms.

Between study day 2 and 3 students will attempt three summer worksheet activities one on curve sketching, one on geometry and one on logarithms and indices.

Students will also attempt a mathematical modelling activity on day 3. The course is identical at all venues and applicants are asked to select the most appropriate venue for them.

Applicants may be offered a place at an alternative venue if their first choice of venue reaches capacity.

In this thought-provoking book, Beghetto explains With planning forms and detailed sample activities, this practical guide will enable teachers at every grade level to design a full range of challenges in any subject area.

Invite uncertainty into your classroom—and discover what your students are capable of.

We regret that we will be unable to provide transport costs.

Please take this into account when selecting your first choice of venue for the course.

Students applying for places to study Mathematics or Computer Science courses (including joint honours) at Oxford University and any Mathematics undergraduate course at Imperial College, London will be required to sit the Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) as one part of the admissions process.

Students applying for Mathematics at Durham University or Warwick University may be required to sit the MAT or TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission) examination.


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