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The influence of national business systems and company characteristics on the cross-national transfer of employee participation practices : foreign acquisitions of UK and Swedish multinational corporations.

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This Ph D research demonstrates that strategy implementation is a highly complex organization phenomenon which is influenced by a large number of factors related to the proces, content and context of the implementation effort.

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Strategy implementation is of high importance to management science and practice due to its direct relation to organizational performance, its high complexity and high failure rate.

This Ph D thesis about strategy implementation investigates strategy implementation and its reasons for success or failure.

Arnoud van der Maas STRATEGY EXECUTION BEST PRACTICES BASED ON RIGOROUS RESEARCH This presentation is based on my Ph D research on Strategy Execution at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – one of the top business schools in Europe with one of the top strategy departments in the world.

Research reports that between 60 to 90 percent of strategies fail. Despite its crucial importance to every organization, research on strategy execution remains limited.The successful implementation of strong and robust strategies gives any organization a significant competitive edge.However, well-formulated strategies only produce superior performance for organizations when they are successfully implemented.This presentation of my Ph D thesis on strategy implementation presents the Strategy Execution Framework consisting of 18 success factors related to the process, content and context of the implementation effort.Collectively, these factors help organizations develop and implement their strategies to achieve sustainable organizational success.Strategy research has traditionally focused on strategy formation and neglected strategy execution.To fill this crucial knowledge gap, I investigated why strategies succeed or fail.The insights and practices that emerged from the interview where subsequently synthesized into the Strategy Management framework.Successful strategy execution is the result of the interplay of five mutually reinforcing practices: developing the strategy, executing the strategy, controlling the strategy, mobilizing the people who have to deliver the strategy, and aligning the organization to the strategy.Understanding market orientation: its relationship with business philosophy, the business environment, and performance : an investigation into the Taiwanese food manufacturing and department store industries.Strategy implementation and organizational change is of high importance to management science and practice due to its direct relation to organizational performance, its high complexity and high failure rate.


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