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Emily Yen Emily Yen was was named one of the inaugural Port of Los Angeles Fellows earlier this year.

Rocio Garcia has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor at Arizona State University starting in August 2019.

Ian Peacock, published a report with the American Immigration Council (with Emily Ryo from USC) on "The Landscape of Immigration Detention in the United States.” The report has received a wave of media coverage in NBC News, Houston Public Media, Quartz, and Augusta Free Press.

Andrew Le was awarded a UC-Santa Barbara Blum Center Graduate Research Grant on Poverty, Inequality and Democracy for the 2019-20 academic year.

Yewon Lee published the article “Reframing Gentrification: How Tenant Shopkeepers’ Activism in Seoul Radically Reframed Gentrification” in Critical Sociology; won an Honorable Mention for this article for the 2019 Mayer N.


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