Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring Word Problems

Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring Word Problems-24
Since the speed can't be negative, the answer is 30 miles per hour. Let s be the smallest side and let h be the hypotenuse.

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If each of the members gets $ 28, find the number of members in the association.

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This actually never really occurred because the ball was shot from the cannon and was never shot from the ground. The other answer was 2.54 seconds which is when the ball reached the ground (x-axis) after it was shot.

Therefore, this is the only correct answer to this problem.

But the Quadratic Formula took longer and provided me with more opportunities to make mistakes.

Warning: Don't get stuck in the rut of always using the Quadratic Formula!Since I'll be cutting equal-sized squares out of all of the corners, and since the box will have a square bottom, I know I'll be starting with a square piece of cardboard.In this last exercise above, you should notice that each solution method gave the same final answer for the cardboard's width. The total money is divided equally among the members. In addition that, each member of the association contributes the number of dollars equal to the number of members.Let's first take a minute to understand this problem and what it means. So, here's a mathematical picture that I see in my head. The equation that gives the height (h) of the ball at any time (t) is: h(t)= -16t Now, we've changed the question and we want to know how long did it take the ball to reach the ground. The problem didn't mention anything about a ground. I'm thinking that this may not be a factorable equation. The first time doesn't make sense because it's negative.Let's take a look at the picture "in our mind" again. This is the calculation for when the ball was on the ground initially before it was shot.These word problems involve situations I've discussed in other word problems: The area of a rectangle, motion (time, speed, and distance), and work. However, these problems lead to quadratic equations. Thus, it takes him hours to travel 360 miles against the current. How long would it take Bonzo to eat 1260 hamburgers by himself? Calvin takes 5 hours longer to travel 360 miles against the current than he does to travel 360 miles with the current. Let x be the speed of Calvin's boat in miles per hour in still water, and let t be the time in hours it takes him to travel 360 miles with the current.


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