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We generate progressive scholarship in the social sciences and philosophy.

Our 75 full-time faculty members in nine departments offer masters and doctoral degrees to 800 graduate students.

Current working papers are listed below and are available for download free of charge, in keeping with the Council’s mission to enhance public access to information.

The Financing of International Peace Operations in Africa: A Review of Recent Research and Analyses [PDF] By Corinna Jentzsch Just Peace: Achieving Peace, Justice, and Development in Post-conflict Africa [PDF] By Dan Kuwali Toward a Community of Practice: ECOWAS and Peace and Security Policy Communities in West Africa [PDF] By Olawale Ismail The “Chief” and the New Baraza: Harnessing Social Media for Community Policing in Kenya [PDF] By Duncan Omanga Beyond the Rebellion Alternative Narratives of Violent Conflicts and the Implications for Peacebuilding in the Niger Delta [PDF] By Tarila Marclint Ebiede Blaise Compaoré in the Resolution of the Ivorian Conflict: From Belligerent to Mediator-in-Chief [PDF] By Amy Niang The African Capacity for Immediate Response to Conflict and the African Standby Force: Options for Peace Intervention in Africa [PDF] By Jude Cocodia Decolonizing the Mainstreaming of Gender in Peacebuilding: Toward an Agenda for Africa [PDF] By Heidi Hudson Self-Determination: Canada and Quebec [PDF] By David Cameron The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico [PDF] By Efrén Rivera-Ramos Case Studies in Forms of Self-Determination: A Comparison of the Åland Islands, South Tyrol, the Kurds in Iraq, and Catalonia [PDF] By Victor Ferreres Comella and Pau Bossacoma Busquets Synthesizing Types of Self-Determination [PDF] By Jacob Mundy Options for Territorial Self-Governance: Decentralization, Devolution, Autonomy, and Federation [PDF] By Stefan Wolff Women’s Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa [PDF] By Aili Mari Tripp Women in Politics and Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean [PDF] By Mala Htun and Jennifer Piscopo Women’s Political Participation in Asia and the Pacific [PDF] By Jacqui True, Nicole George, Sara Niner, and Swati Parashar Gender and Elections: Temporary Special Measures beyond Quotas [PDF] By Mona Lena Krook Qualitative Research in Dangerous Places: Becoming an Ethnographer of Violence and Personal Safety [PDF]By Daniel M.

Honesty might be an obstacle to effectiveness, a couple of experts tell the writer.

One of them, a psychologist named David Rand, then at Yale, hearkens to his own team’s research showing that people see emotional, impulsive people as inherently more honest. What is accurate is that its results did not replicate. That tension is at the core of what researchers sometimes call the “reproducibility crisis,” the revelation that wide swaths of published science are not meeting a basic standard of the scientific method.

Nine studies, however, document the revision bias: the tendency to prefer things that were revised, regardless of whether the revised versions are objectively better than their predecessors.

Selecting early-stage ideas in creative industries is challenging because consumer taste is hard to predict and the quantity to sift through is large.

Hayley Blunden explains the career implications of seeking counsel from others.

Open for comment; Harvard Business School researchers have been at the forefront of studies on gender discrimination for several decades.


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