Sissy Shopping Assignment

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It was easy because I had little body hair to begin with.

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You see, I'm a 49 year old male that does housecleaning while wearing a sissy maid uniform. This should give you plenty of notice to make yourself pretty. She replied that she will contact me in the morning with additional details and to be ready to go when I get her instructions tomorrow. The next morning, I woke up to find another message in my inbox. It's about 2 hours from your apartment, so be ready to leave at about 11am. "Um, I'm supposed to meet a woman named Sue that works here," I said with a bit of hesitation in my voice. I saw her approach another woman, who was hanging bras on a display.

And this woman loves sissy cross dressers and takes great pleasure in humiliating them. It said: "Pinky, you are to report to the shop at 1pm. Be sure your body hair have been removed, your nails are painted, you smell feminine, etc. The first woman pointed in my direction and the second woman nodded in acknowledgment, stopped what she was doing, and walked towards me.

After drying myself off, I sat down and clipped my fingernails and toenails. I didn't put any make up on though because I'm still inexperienced in the makeup department and Mary knows that or she would have told me to use makeup as well.

I put on my pink lace panties and a black lace cami top.

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