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The self-efficacy that young people are experiencing due to the effects of current educational environments is more than ever, their key to success as adults.

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People with low self-efficacy may believe that things are tougher than they really are.

When attempting a task a person with a low self-efficacy may experience stress, depression, and a narrow vision of the best way to solve problems.

The adult education learning in Canada has begun with an idea being put forward in by the authorities that the existing curriculum needed to be enhanced at different levels and the existing process of its management needed to be changed.

While a series of prior changes to the Adult curriculum were made by the authorities they were mostly centered on patchwork and were not continued as a process.

When considering performance a student will first appraise the task difficulty, past success or failure, amount of effort, amount of assistance and persistence needed.

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Overall performances, which result in success, will increase efficacy while experiences of failure will decrease efficacy.

According to self-efficacy theorists, what a person believes about their capabilities influences their motivation and as a result, determines the instigation, direction, effort and persistence of their future actions.

Individuals acquire information to estimate their self-efficacy from four basic factors which include; performance, observational experiences, forms of persuasion and psychological reactions.

A person who has established a strong sense of his or her own efficacy will tend to set higher goals and stick with them through greater difficulties.

As a result, this person will more readily accept challenges to perform without feeling threatened.


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