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Your job is to ask questions, gather information and put your name out there.If you’re not chosen straight out of high school, don’t stop trying!

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CULP is a program designed to give cadets an opportunity to work with foreign cadet’s and militaries.

While it was an awesome opportunity to travel, and see the world, USACC (United States Army Cadet Command) implemented this program into its curriculum to give cadet’s a chance at crossing cultural barriers and to foster an understanding of the importance of culture.

In today’s world, the United States Army and military is present in a number of other countries, for a wide array of reasons.

We are in some countries considered to be a “combat theater” and others as allies.

There are plenty of chances to compete for scholarships and commissioning opportunities once college has started.

List activities, sports, jobs and hobbies, and describe what each one meant.I am in the process of applying for the Army ROTC and I just want to know some questions that I may get asked during the interview and for someone to go over my essay.I want constructive criticism on what I need to add, to take out and just a over all inspection on it.When one chooses a career, like the Army, should love or at least desire to love their career choice before even considering the idea of fully obligating themselves to their job.To fully obligate oneself to a career it needs to be their passion, something they live for.The Military has always been a dream of mine that I have been longing to fulfill ever since my oldest brother Joseph Joined the Marine Corps when I was five years old.There are numerous reasons on why I want to be part of the brotherhood of the most dominant force the world has ever seen, the United States armed forces with a special emphasis on the Army itself.When I first arrived in Peru at their Army Military Academy “Escuela Militar de Chorrillos”, I was in awe by all of the Spanish language being spoken.I understand Peru is a Spanish speaking country, but it does not really have any impact on you until you encounter it first-hand.Write more than “Football, 9–12.” Describe the positions you played, varsity letters earned and whether the team made it to any championships.Prepare for the interview by thinking about questions you may be asked (For example, “Why do you want to serve in the military? Dress appropriately and bring copies of your transcript, test scores and resume.


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