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Lee attended school in the town of Alexandria, which is located in Virginia.When Lee grew older, in the year 1825, he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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This leadership behavior in Lee as the "initiating structure " category. 7 At the outbreak of the Civil War, Lee was the most experienced and effective soldier, hence, was offered the command of the Union Army.

This involves the leaders concern for accomplishing the task. Lee knew that megalomania, egotism, executive interference, and micromanagement are horrible hindrances to effective leadership. It is the basis of great leadership and the basis of Robert E. On the other hand, confederate forces lead decisive battles under the brilliant leadership of General Lee, Jackson, and Stuart. Facing a much larger enemy, the confederate leadership drove vital blows to the Unionists.

Alignment of people is achieved through communication of new directions and building a commitment to subordinating self-interests in order to further the interests of the organization.

The ability to motivate and inspire is what makes an exceptional leader. Lee's many leadership roles that he possessed the ability to motivate and inspire.

While Lee was serving in the Mexican War he was awarded with a promotion to colonel for his "gallantry and distinguished conduct in performing vital scouting missions." Lee later became the superintendent of the Military Academy in the year 1852.

Three years later in 1855 the secretary of war, Jefferson Davis, transferred Lee away from the Military Academy. He lead his troops to victory at the second Manassas, at Antietam, as well as, chancellorsville. Lee Surrendered to Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19, 1807, and died October 12, 1870. Lee went to the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated second in his class in 1829. He led his army into Maryland in September, 1862 with the hope to drive away the focus in Virginia. Lee at Appomattox is written on an old recipe book. He was born on the Stratford Estate in Westmoreland County, Virginia to Henry "Light-Horse" Harry" Lee, a political leader and soldier, and Ann Hill Carter. However, the plan was discovered by General George Mc Clellan, and the two armies began to fight at the Battle of Antietam. One entry in her journal notes, "As General Lee walks in to the church our eyes met. Two years later on June 30, 1831 Lee became married to Mary Ann Rudolph Curtis.The two of them had seven children together, three of which were boys and four that were girls.Lee managed to hold on for a day, then there were too many casualties and he retreated. Lee went on defense and won the Battle of Fredericksburg and the Battle of Chancellorsville. Lee gained great confidence after the successful victory at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Lee Became the Symbol of the South During the 19th century, Robert E. (Robert, 1) His father, William Prescott Frost Jr., was a journalist and local politician. Frost's poems received great reviews and his fame began to grow (Biography, 1). He got married to Mary Anna Custis Lee on 1831, who was the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington, the first First Lady. Lee served as a Captain under General Winfield Scott. Lee was the best soldier he had ever seen on the field. Lee was a General for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. He served as military advisor to President Jefferson Davis until he assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia. " According to [She13]: After the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) he resigned his commission from the 1st Virginia Cavalry due to differences he had with General Robert E. Early Years John Fitzgerald Kennedy, known as JFK, was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts. and Rose Kennedy, who would eventually have nine children--JFK's older brother Joe Jr., and his younger siblings Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Pat... However, he rejected the offer and resigned from the army after Virginia seceded. Lee loved his state, Virginia, and he couldn't fight against his homeland. Coil's sources for her book come mainly from oth...Lee led as a businessman, as a warrior, and as an administrator.His actions in many circumstances throughout his life, exemplify some of the mainstream leadership theories of today. The American Civil War, widely known in the United States as simply the Civil War as well as other names, was a civil war fought from 1861 to 1865 to determine the survival of the Union or independence for the Confederacy. In 1915, Borglum was approached to do his first carving on Stone Mountain, which consisted of General Robert E. Iran-Contra: A Comparison of Two Scandals and their Investigations Watergate and Iran-Contra are two of the most publicized scandals of all time.


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