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There are no known cures or affordable vaccines to prevent AIDS; the only option is for a program to prevent further spread of the epidemic, minimize its impact, and provide care and nurture for those affected.

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Cholera is transmitted through infected water and manifests itself as an acute infection of the gastrointestinal tract.

With specific reference to the cholera epidemic, one author writes: Whenever cholera threatened European countries, it quickened social apprehensions.

People of different sectors of the world have already relayed to experiences of past epidemics.

The rise of the Black Plague, smallpox, cholera, typhoid or typhus, and influenza among a few others, has taught the world of the great threat of infectious diseases.

The AIDS crisis is at the point where the disease is destroying any hope for the country of Africa to develop into a prospering state. In one theory it is believed that the disease originated in Haiti and was transported to Africa in the mid 1960s when a large number of Haitians immigrated to Zaire.

In another prominent theory, however, it is believed that AIDS originated in Africa by means of a virus similar to HIV found in the African green monkey.It prompted rumors, suspicions, and, at times, violent social conflicts.There is no question that an epidemic in these proportions would disrupt the economic and social aspects of a nation, but without a doubt the political economy of the nation would be disrupted.Although many theories also exist as to where AIDS began in Africa, most evidence points to the theory that it began somewhere in the region of East Central sub-Saharan Africa.Many sources also agree that AIDS probably began closer to the Great Lakes Region since the countries that contain or border these lakes are the countries in which the largest numbers of AIDS patients have been documented to date.Problem Twenty years ago, the subject of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which has been found to be the cause of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), would not have been the topic of a major and serious worldwide catastrophe.Twenty years ago, people were not phased by the effects that would be caused by this ever so populating disease, and no one would have ever realized that this disease would not be curable or helped without expensive medicine.Over time, the prominent social factors in some of the culture systems of sub-Saharan Africa, the pressure for high fertility and high reproductive rates, has caused many sub-Saharan African’s sexual attitude to evolve into one which finds it necessary to have an large number of sexual partners.This increased number of partners has lead to the tolerance of high levels of promiscuity, mainly commercialized forms.One third of these victims are between the ages of ten and twenty-four.The disease has been described as a development crisis; it is profoundly disrupting the economic and social bases of families and entire nations at a rate of infection at 16,000 per day.


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