Research Paper On Child Development

Research Paper On Child Development-46
Then Jewel got distracted when mom gave her the opened candy pack.She laughed and made comments that were not so clear.After making her contribution, she focused on wriggling her finger into the candy pack to get more magic pop out of the pack.

She also has bangs but regrets having them and is trying patiently to wait for it to grow.

Her skin is yellowish and fairer compared to Jewel’s.

Her big brown eyes are her strongest facial features because of her long, curly lashes. The child was observed in the confines of their own living room where a television was placed to provide daily entertainment.

There were only two soft sofas on the sides of the tv.

Jewel then got more candy before again turning the tv off.

Sparkle suddenly took her hand and pulled her away from the tv. Sparkle got a reprimand from mom and left Jewel who was sitting on the floor.All this time, Jewel would scream and shout angry words when the children got the best of her.After three swivels, Sapphire finally complained to mom.(Oesterreich, 1995) Her language development seems normal in the sense that ‘often her words or sentences don't make sense to you.” (Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service, 2007, par.25) She can already form sentences using up to 6 words when she talks. She is the eldest sister of Jewel which makes her Filipina as well. Her mom explains that the clothes which fit Sparkle are for six to seven-year-old Asian girls.This means she may be a little advanced in language development because normally, two to three year olds use three-word sentences. She is also quite thin and her mother says that she gets tired easily.Her long, medium-brown, straight, fine, shiny hair reaches up to her elbows.Children go through different stages of development. One is a toddler while the other is already school-aged. She is lightly built and can move very quickly if she wants to.An observation was done first on the toddler before focusing on the school-aged girl. Her hair is quite short with bangs that are very short and uneven.Her hair is black, straight and fine to the point that it easily looks plastered on her head when she sweats.Jewel has two dimples that show themselves naturally whenever she smiles. Her teeth are already complete but spaces are evident between each other.


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