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However, ensuring that your advertisements reach out to a wide audience, have the right impact, and get the best attention are all likely to remain a crucial part of online advertising.Topics: Click Fraud, Online Advertising, Ad Viewability, Behavioral Targeting, retargeting, Facebook Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Conversions, Social Media, Behavioral Advertising, Dynamic Ads, Advertising 2015, Banner Fatigue Tim Nichols is a founding partner at Exact Drive, a digital media buying agency with white label, reseller and managed service options available.

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That little piece of code deposits cookies onto the browsers of each person who visits your site or landing page, and that allows you to keep on sharing marketing campaigns and advertisements with those users once they decide to leave your website and head elsewhere on the Internet.

In other words, your retargeting method tracks down your audience throughout their online experience and constantly reminds them of the value that you have to offer, or the items they considered buying just moments ago.

Particularly useful for companies that are trying to get noticed for the very first time, video advertising revealed its value during 2015, and is expected to become all the more popular during 2016, with things like Twitter Periscope introducing the possibility of instantly live-streaming product demonstrations and more., Vine, and even Instagram for business can all tie in with your social media strategy to deliver a more comprehensive marketing experience that truly engages and activates your audience.

Through a clearly researched and properly executed video, you can grab your viewer's attention in moments and give them an insight into the value of your company.

Various studies across the recent year has found that mobile optimization is a crucial consideration for online advertising today - a truth that is likely to become all the more crucial during 2015, as Since mobile users offer the highest amount of online traffic, it would be ridiculous to suggest that any online company - regardless of their industry, should ignore mobile strategies when improving their online presence and creating new ads.

After all, as smartphone screens get bigger, allowing for the better reading of articles and viewing of videos, the chances are that mobile information consumption will only continue to grow., banner fatigue, and dynamic ads, to making use of new concepts like mobile advertising, video, and social media, every brand is constantly on the search for new ways of making their particular product or service more appealing to the masses.In the world of marketing, online advertising is always going to be an essential way to improve your brand presence, get your voice heard, and enhance conversions, but in order to stay ahead of competitors, it's crucial that you know the latest tactics and trends in place.According to research, this form of targeting can effectively that a very small number of visitors that approach your website for the first time will go on to convert into buyers.Fortunately, the focus on ideas such as retargeting in 2015 has given marketers an opportunity to make use of tools that let them reach out to the majority of potential customers that never made that final conversion."remarketing" strategies, retargeting campaigns are some of the most effective tools on the Internet today when it comes to not only attracting customers, but improving your conversion rate, and keeping traffic coming back for more.Your conversion rate is the number of people who take the action you were hoping they would take - from filling in a form to making a purchase.As we move forward into 2016, methods of conversion optimization are likely to evolve and improve.Of course, as with any form of content marketing, it's important to make sure you know the audience you're speaking to before you start making your videos work.more we learn the aims behind that behavior, and how different consumers search for different things.With all of the new innovations that 2015 has delivered to the World of online advertising, it would be naive to think that a few risks hadn't cropped up as well.However, the most potent risks that are present in the online advertising World today are the same ones that have been around for some time now such as click fraud.


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