Redwall Book Report

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This dazzling story in the Redwall series is packed with all the wit, wisdom, humor, and blood-curdling adventure of the other books in the collection, but has the added bonus of taking the reader right back to the heart and soul of Redwall Abbey and the characters who live there.

A young mouse named Matthias dreams of times of adventure rather than a life of quiet servitude, but he is counselled to patience by his elders.

Redwall is a fixture in the local community, set in the heart of Mossflower Woods, and was designed to be a place of refuge for the beasts of the forest in times of trouble.

Trouble arrives in the form of Cluny the Scourge in the Summer of the Late Rose.

Matthias is briefly held prisoner under the roof eaves by ferocious sparrows who nest there, led by King Bull Sparra.

There Matthias picks up additional clues about the sword.He is helped particularly by Methuselah, an ancient and grizzled mouse, who is the abbey recorder.Matthias is a brave-hearted young mouse, if small in stature, and as the story continues, his natural leadership abilities begin to emerge.Matthias shows promise as a military leader, much like the legendary Martin the Warrior, whose picture the rats steal from the Abbey.The bare spot on the wall where it had hung reveals clues to the whereabouts of Martin's Sword.Cluny is an evil, infamous rat, owning an extra-long tail with a poisoned barb on the end, and commander of a horde of vermin.He has only one eye, having lost the other in a battle with a pike, which he killed.Cluny, in the meanwhile, has been attempting to gain entrance to the Abbey.He deals with traitors Sela the vixen and her son Chickenhound, Sela is killed while Chickenhound seeks refuge at Redwall, but he ends up accidentally killing Methuselah after being caught stealing, he is driven out of the abbey but ends up being attacked and maimed by the adder Asmodeus who appears as a local legend and terror throughout the novel and picks off wandering creatures, Chickenhound escapes and heals himself (and would later debut as the main villain of the third book).Redwall by Brian Jacques opens with a joyous celebration of Abbot Mortimer's jubilee. The clumsy young novice Matthias is accompanying guests home when a wagon full of savage-looking rats careens by.Led by Cluny the Scourge, this Horde takes over abandoned St.


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