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This helps to drive true behavioural change, creating the habits of adulthood and, hopefully, inspiring tomorrow’s great minds to develop new and better ways of eliminating waste.Back in 1992, Pete Repeat got us recycling plastic bottles in large numbers.

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The more visible and vocal the more likely residents, visitors, and businesses will perceive high rates of recycling and up their participation.

Towns should get in the habit of publicizing program changes, and highlighting top-notch recyclers.

Now, with a far wider range of teaching resources, and with recycling options available for far more types of waste, it’s time for schools to embrace the challenge of creating tomorrow’s super-recyclers.

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Despite all the resources, the sad fact is while some schools enthusiastically embrace recycling and sustainability in a structured way, many do not. A wide range of other recyclable items, some of which contain pretty nasty materials, end up being tossed in the general waste stream.

Without better education on the hazards of many materials, such as the mercury in fluorescent lighting and heavy metals in batteries and electronic waste, we are depriving the next generation of the knowledge it needs to make better waste disposal decisions.

There’s a lot to be said about improving municipal recycling efforts.

It helps to keep public spaces clean, eradicate pest problems, and provide measurable environmental benefits by waste diversion from landfills.

The lessons we learn in school can lay the habits of a lifetime, and among the more important lessons we can teach our children is the nitty-gritty of recycling.

Recycling needn’t be an add-on to the day’s learning.


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