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Criminal liability was gradually extended so that criminal liability could be imposed upon commercial companies for offences such as nonfeasance.[8] The increased impact that companies have grown to have on society over the years has fuelled the increased willingness to regulate and impose criminal liability on companies for their criminal conduct.[9] As the 19 century came to an end, it had become clear that companies could and should be held liable for statutory crimes, and punished by fines.

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This book takes you through all the elements needed for a successful dissertation proposal and dissertation.

The book explains the sections required for both proposal and dissertation, and offers helpful downloadable templates to assist with the presentation.

This will enable the dissertation to evenly address arguments in favour of collective responsibility and individual responsibility.

This combination of primary and secondary resources will enable arguments set forth in the paper to be challenged and developed more fully. ’ [2006] 68 ELJ 22 Bucy, PH., ‘Corporate Ethos: A Standard for Imposing Corporate Criminal Liability’ [1990] Clarkson, CMV., ‘Kicking Corporate Bodies and Damning their souls’ [1996] 59 MLR 4 Colvin, E., ‘Corporate Personality and Criminal Liability’ [1995] 6 CLF 1 Cooper, MD., ‘Towards a Model of Safety Culture’ [2000] 36 SS 111 Craig, R., ‘Corporate Manslaughter - Thou Shall do no Murder: A Discussion Paper on the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007’ [2009] 30 CL 1 Dobson, A., ‘Shifting Sands: Multiple Counts in Prosecutions for Corporate Manslaughter’ [2012] 3 CLR 201 Erikson, JA., ‘The Effect of Corporate Culture on Injury and Illness Rates within the Organisations’ [1994] 55 DAI 6 Fisse, B & J Braithwaite, ‘The Allocation of Responsibility for Corporate Crime: Individualism, Collectivism and Accountability’ [1986] 11 SLR 468 Gobert, J., ‘The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007–Thirteen Years in the Making but was it Worth the Wait?

’ [2008] 71 MLR 3 Hansmann, H & R Kraakman, ‘The End of History for Corporate Law’ [2000] 89 GLJ 439 Harris, P., (Kluer-Nihjoff 1994) Khanna, VS., ‘Corporate Criminal Liability: What Purpose does it Serve?

’ [1996] 109 HLR 7 Lederman, E., ‘Models for Imposing Corporate Criminal Liability: From Adaptation and Imitation toward Aggregation and the Search for Self-Identity’ [2000] 4 BCLR 1 Leigh, LH., edn, Hart 2010) Slapper, G., ‘Corporate Homicide and Legal Chaos’ [1999] 1 Slye, RC., ‘Corporations, Veils, and International Criminal Liability’ [2007] 33 BJIL 955 Sullivan, GR., ‘The Attribution of Culpability to Limited Companies’ [1996] 12 CLJ 515 Wells, C., Law Teacher. Sample Undergraduate 2:1 Law Dissertation Proposal. This sample law dissertation proposal was written by one of our expert writers, to give you a taste of the work we produce.You can also check out the plagiarism report delivered free with every essay!Reason for instance notes that ‘most accident sequences, like the road to hell, are paved with good intentions – or with what seemed like good ideas at the time’.[34] It is therefore necessary to explore the concept of corporate liability from various perspectives, and in relation to different types of criminal conduct, including manslaughter, environmental crimes, and fraud.The research will be based primarily on qualitative data, using primary sources such as legislation and case law, and secondary sources such as journals, textbooks and government reports.As your dissertation is a larger piece of writing you should have a title page.Your School should provide you with a standard Solent University dissertation cover.The current law, and cases pertaining to it, will be critically explored, in order to determine how criminal liability is imposed, and the components underlining it.The law will then be critically analysed, drawing upon various viewpoints set forth in existing literature and textbooks. Sample Undergraduate 2:1 Law Dissertation Proposal [Internet]. [Accessed 6 September 2019]; Available from: https:// Companies are not able to ‘think’ per se, and the courts avoided this problem by searching for a particular company member who directs the company’s ‘mind and will’.[13] This approach was adopted in relation to all offences that were not based on vicarious liability.However, it has been recognised that the identification doctrine loses force when considered in the context of large companies, within which decisions are typically made by several different individuals rather than a single member.[14] The attribution of blame in such cases is problematic because they are rooted in ambiguous hierarchies, meaning that a single individual cannot easily be identified.


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