Process Analysis Thesis

The thesis agreement must specify, among other things, the representative of the commissioner, the tasks included in the thesis process, and the compensation of the costs incurred by the thesis process.

The RDI goals and RDI credits of the thesis are also specified in the thesis agreement.

It is essential to delimit the topic in relation to the available time and other resources.

The most rewarding thesis grows out of the student’s own motivation and awareness of their future needs.

The thesis plan is presented to the supervising teacher, who gives their final approval to the plan.

Planning is an essential part of the thesis process. It also saves you from wasted time and energy when data acquisition can be directed correctly right from the start.On the same occasion, the amount and mode of payment of the possible reward must be agreed on.The student must be in contact with the teacher supervising the thesis before signing an agreement with an outside company.A research permission is also required for all studies concerning Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, which is applied for online with an e-form.See Appendix 2 for more specific instructions when applying for the research permission.Moreover, some Faculties also provide group work preparing for the thesis process and thesis workshops.In most cases, the choice of the topic of the thesis, or at least its subject area, is the student’s own responsibility, for which finding the topic requires independent initiative from the student.The research permission is applied for with a free-form letter, and/or the practices if the organization or company in question are observed.It is advisable to define the consent to the use of the data and the storage of the research data in the research permission.At some of the Faculties, teachers bring forward different options and opportunities.A great many of the topics are found through orders or commissions.


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