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Problem solving is the source of all new inventions, social and cultural evolution, and the basis for market based economies.It is the basis for continuous improvement, communication and learning.Problem solving may then be thought of as the process of analyzing the situation and developing a solution to bridge the gap.

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The fourth step then depends upon the interpretation of the check on results.

If the problem was solved, the manager acts to institutionalize the proposed solution.

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A managerial problem can be described as the gap between a given current state of affairs and a future desired state.

Each step in the problem-solving process employs skills and methods that contribute to the overall effectiveness of influencing change and determine the level of problem complexity that can be addressed.

Humans learn how to solve simple problems from a very early age (learning to eat, make coordinated movements and communicate) – and as a person goes through life problem-solving skills are refined, matured and become more sophisticated (enabling them to solve more difficult problems).In the planning stage, a manager develops a working hypothesis about why a given problem exists and then develops a proposed solution to the problem.The second step is to implement, or do, the proposed remedy.If this problem-solving thing is so important to daily life, what is it?Problem-solving is the process of observing what is going on in your environment; identifying things that could be changed or improved; diagnosing why the current state is the way it is and the factors and forces that influence it; developing approaches and alternatives to influence change; making decisions about which alternative to select; taking action to implement the changes; and observing impact of those actions in the environment.It is also about innovating, creating new things and changing the environment to be more desirable.Problem-solving enables us to identify and exploit opportunities in the environment and exert (some level of) control over the future.Problem solving skills and the problem-solving process are a critical part of daily life both as individuals and organizations.Developing and refining these skills through training, practice and learning can provide the ability to solve problems more effectively and over time address problems with a greater degree of complexity and difficulty.Problem-solving helps us understand relationships and implement the changes and improvements needed to compete and survive in a continually changing environment.Seizing opportunity: Problem solving isn’t just about responding to (and fixing) the environment that exists today.


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