Police And Ethics Essay

Police And Ethics Essay-54
Successful business leaders often say that treating people morally is a very important aspect in obtaining success.

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For citizens, even for those of us with no aspirations in a career in law enforcement, morality and integrity are important characteristics to demonstrate.

We instinctively know that it is good to be moral and act with integrity, but by coming to an understanding of the reasons for morality and integrity, we will be motivated to champion such behaviour.

While highlighting the major frictions between ethical leadership and legal enforcement, specific emphasis should be placed on the analysis of illegal behavior, which is often congruent with unethical issues.

In this respect, ignorance of ethical and moral principles will not contribute to adequate regulation within the content of legal system (Seaton, 2010).

What is more important is that most illegal and unethical practices come from the higher levels of police hierarchy generating more ethical misconceptions and illegal conduct at the lower levels.

In this respect, ethical behavior must be taken in account while considering leadership training programs for law enforcement officers.

It’s especially important to live a moral life when we are young, as it is helpful to exercise and practise these concepts before being confronted with more complex issues.

Lafollette (2007) theorizes that ethics is like most everything else that we strive to be good at; it requires practice and effort.

The fact that leadership is an inherent component of better control and regulation of law and order in the public sector is undeniable.

Public officers, therefore, should follow all the established norms and take corresponding responsibility for safety of citizens. While considering leadership and behavioral patterns established by law enforcement establishment, ethics and moral values are among the most frequently emerged concerns.


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