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It is also essential to know precisely what is expected in terms of formality.Your department or supervisor may prefer, for instance, that you give the presentation without reading it from a written version; even if this is not required, it is often a good idea to keep the atmosphere somewhat informal by doing so.

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Whilst it is important not to be distracted when writing a Ph D thesis, there is no reason not to make time to begin planning for your future.

You should start thinking about what comes next your doctoral degree so that you are not left stressed and worried when it comes to deciding what to do after you graduate.

Keep in touch with those who have a similar background or who have the sort of position you aspire to once you finish your Ph D.

To answer the question posed in the title: yes, you can start planning for the future whilst writing a Ph D thesis.

Consider where you want to be one, three, and five years from now. Planning your post-degree ambitions will also give you chance to discuss any requirements with your Ph D supervisor and help you think about any skill sets you need to build on before you graduate.

Talk to Those Who Came Before You Another thing you may want to consider is speaking with alumni of your university to see what their lives are like post-graduation.When you are writing your Ph D thesis, it is easy to dream about what life is going to be like after you graduate.You may be thinking about the type of job you would like, or considering the academic opportunities that will be available to you.Begin Networking Now No matter how early on you are in your doctorate degree, you can never begin networking too soon.Even if you are not actively job searching, it will benefit you immensely to make contact with others who may be able to help in the future.Speak with Professionals If you are networking properly, you will likely meet hundreds of industry professionals.While you do not need to develop a close relationship with all of them, pick out a few key contacts who you can rely on to advise you about your future.You can find out the specific skill sets they have had to master for their jobs, and how they have used their doctorate degree to position themselves as experts.Since alumni are often very interested in their alma mater, they may even be able to offer you work experience, or assist you with developing the technical and interpersonal skills that can help get you hired.Even if you are the sort of person who deals with stressful situations well, it is unlikely that you will be able to produce an insightful presentation of an impressive scholarly quality.It is therefore imperative to learn all you can about what is required of you in the examination, discuss your precise plans for meeting those requirements with your thesis or dissertation supervisor and carefully prepare yourself for success well in advance.


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