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Wish You Were Here should be considered one of the best rock albums of Pink Floyd is a timeless rock band and Wish You Were Here showcases this perfectly.

– Roger Waters, “The Hero’s Return part II” The effects of warfare upon human history and consciousness have been considered from any number of perspectives, with the realization that some of these concerns have lost none of their power upon the participants involved.

During the 1970’s America was in the beginning of a rock boom. An established, well known band, Pink Floyd had recently released The Dark Side of the Moon, and recently completed their next hit album: Wish You Were Here.

This album is arguably one of the best created by this classic rock band.

is an album which seemingly cannot be divorced from the circumstances of its creation and its time, but it deserves an analysis which would do just that, gauge its worth purely as an artistic statement, because in my estimation it does succeed if one comes to it without whatever referential prejudice or cultural baggage the listener may possess.

The album marks the transition of Pink Floyd as a recording unit into what could be defined as the modern era of their existence from all aspects, but particularly in regards to production.

The final three PF studio albums (prior to the release of , a definite demarcation point in the Floydian discography.

In regards to the unification consideration, I consider it somewhat of a fallacy in that Roger Waters had been gradually leading the way artistically since the writing and recording of is an album which resides in the spirit of what Pink Floyd represented in terms of vision and theme.

And thus the crises which asserted themselves in the 1980s caused him to question just how much progress had actually been made for the nation and its citizenry.

The rhetorical question voiced at the beginning of the album: “Maggie what have we done, what have we done to England?


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