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They are one of the most important formalities of your PGCE, and you’ll need to pass them to successfully complete the course.

The PGCE is a recognised academic qualification which carries 60 credits at Master’s level (one third of a Masters degree).

But don’t panic — if you fail to achieve a grade of 50% or more, there will be opportunities to re-write assignments.

Ultimately, your course provider wants you to succeed, and there will be tons of support available.

These credits are usually broken down into two or three separate assignments, typically totalling 12,000 words.

They are generally scheduled after half terms, so you have a chunk of time to work on them.People will talk about the thrill of being in the classroom, subject knowledge, pedagogy, planning, differentiation and behaviour management.Yet for some reason, less attention is given to the assignments you’ll be required to write as part of your studies.Provide your custom assignment specifications and we will assign a qualified and professional writer for you right away.Within the deadline you have specified, we will send you a completely custom paper as per your specifications.Expect deadlines around November, February and May.The first assignment will be the broadest of the three, requiring you to explore one key aspect of teaching: .Many people embark on teacher training after a significant period away from academia.There is an increasing focus on attracting teachers from within specific industries: for example, the new Taking Teaching Further programme aims to draw and retrain experts from technical sectors such as engineering and computing.Consequently, for many trainee teachers, the assignments present a huge learning curve.Here are our top 5 tips for tackling your PGCE assignments.2. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute, either.


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