Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age To 18

Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age To 18-30
Impulse control in teens seems much better statistically than adults.Ninety-nine percent moving violations along with 90% alcohol related fatalities are caused by adults.Clothing stores, fast food, and the movies would close down if teens stopped spending money there Statistically teens are not as reckless as people would have you think.

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Maturity happens when you give teens a chance and they succeed.

Keeping teens at home playing X-Box is not helping their maturity issues. With education and the existing laws governing teens and driving we will all be safe with teens getting their licenses at 16.

The ability to get a job and attend after school sports practices do increase maturity. Washington State already has graduated licensing requirements with many rules and regulations, Parents are overburdened with the responsibilities of driving and teens are not as reckless as people would have you think.

I believe we should keep the driving age at 16 in Washington State.

Teen drivers cannot drive at night or alone and must retain a B average in school to receive insurance discounts.

*Teens cannot get a license without jumping through many hoops and following strict guidelines *Parents are overburdened with the responsibilities of driving.Maybe changing it to like twenty is different, but not eighteen.Most sixteen when they drive start out driving all right.*That means 99% of texting or speaking on cell phone tickets were given to those 18 and up.*The media has done a good job of teaching teens the importance of safe driving.*The media has also portrayed teens as reckless for comic effect but the statistics do not add up.*Teens actually cause very few of the fatal accidents adults do the most damage.Raising the Driving Age to 18 Changing the driving age is unreasonable I think. I see so many middle aged and older people driving like mad people. I also believe that there is really no difference in an eighteen-year-old and a sixteen-year-old when it comes to driving. I am basically saying that a twelve-year-old can be a good driver. I think that there are crazies in every age when it comes to driving.*Parents are tired of chauffeuring kids around town.The economy has forced many families to send both parents back into the workforce to make ends meet.


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