Penalty Saves Lives Essay

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The consequences for those crimes are excessive; the same thing occurs when in regards of the death penalty.When placing the idea of an eye for an eye on various crimes is seems extreme and unnecessary. Criminals do forfeit some rights to life, but not all rights to life.

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Life in prison with no possible chance of parole is enough to deter an individual of a crime who does not want to seek punishment.

Other supporters of the death penalty derive more from government than society.

The principle of human dignity is an argument in abolishing the death penalty.

The principle of human dignity presents an argument that gives all individuals equal rights regardless of decisions made in a criminal act.

Individuals who believe it is morally wrong to kill an individual, despite the crime committed are in support of the abolitionist argument of the death penalty.

In the United States, there are thirty-one states in support of the death penalty and remaining nineteen states are against the death penalty law.

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So, in regard to the death penalty, morality can define what justice may to be in a criminal punishment.

Individuals who believe it is morally right to put an individual to death over a horrendous crime support the retentionist argument for the death penalty.


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