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With Davy on the lam, his family piles into the Air Stream trailer and head west across the Badlands with a Federal Agent named Andreesen on their tail.

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In order to protect his family, Davy kills the assailants, which ends up landing him in jail.

Davy’s trial goes dismally, and in the midst of plans to break him out, Reuben and Jeremiah learn that Davy has already escaped.

The main Although many persons betrayed them, the Lands could still count on a few old friends. Nokes continued to support them even if they did not agree with Davy's actions.

Throughout the novel these characters went out of their way to support their friends in their battle against evil, often putting themselves in danger for supporting them.

Although the family drives all night, the Lands never have to stop for gas and are never spotted, despite their distinctive trailer, marking another of Jeremiah’s miracles.

Eventually winding up at a gas station in the Badlands, the family makes the acquaintance of Roxanna Cawley, a character who leaves a deep impression on the family’s lives.Despite his debilitating asthma, Reuben hikes up the mountain to where he saw the rider and discovers that it is in fact his brother Davy.Though Davy is reluctant to reveal his hideout, he eventually agrees to show Reuben where he’s been staying, and later that night the two brothers go to a cabin in the woods inhabited by one Jape Waltzer and a young girl named Sara, already promised to Waltzer even though she isn’t yet of legal marrying age.Showed first 250 characters While the doctor sadly shakes his head, Jeremiah grabs the clay-colored infant and commands it to live: "Reuben Land, in the name of the living God I am telling you to breathe." Like his namesake, Jeremiah Land is larger-than-life and fills the entire "land" of the novel with his Old Testament presence...Life can be viewed as a battle field, a constant fight between good and evil.She kindly takes in the Lands and shelters them from the storm, allowing Jeremiah time to recover from the pneumonia he’s developed on the road.Their relationship with Roxanna is decisive, because it is also there that Reuben spots a horse rider in the mountains that he recognizes instantly as Davy.This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of by Leif Enger is the story of a 1960s Minnesota family narrated by the asthmatic Reuben, the product of the first of his father’s seven miracles.The title takes its name from the Christian hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”.This student felt that it was fair to classify the Lands along with Roxanna Cowley, The Shultzs and Dr. This was a fair classification as these characters maintained their positive personas throughout the novel.On the other hand, Superintendent Holgren, Israel Finch, Tommy Busca, and Jape Waltzer can be classified as the bad characters.


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