Passage To Marabar Caves Essay

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In chapter 2, the mosque at Chandrapore is viewed through the sympathetic eyes of a devout Moslem. The mosque therefore suggests the possibility of understanding between people of different religions.

The mosque stimulates Aziz's loftiest thoughts and allows his imagination to soar. However, as the later chapters show, there are many powerful forces that interfere with this worthy goal.

However, he feels a trifle uncomfortable with the emotional Aziz, because his own nature is more reserved, and he does not usually form close friendships.

But the friendship does not survive unscathed, partly because the two men are so different in temperament.

The Marabar Caves represent the mysterious depths of Indian spirituality, which cannot be grasped by Westerners.

The Caves signify a cultural divide, a kind of stumbling block that negates all efforts to circumvent it.

The most important relationship in the novel is that between two men, Aziz and Fielding.

The relationships between men and women-primarily those between Adela and Ronny, and Adela and Fielding-are superficial by comparison.

Later, when Fielding visits him, Aziz shows him a picture of his dead wife.

Fielding has none of the prejudice against Indians that the other English people have, and is happy to reciprocate Aziz's trust and affection.


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