Parenting Effects On Essay

I strongly believe that parents, friends, and teachers have great effect on a person’s life. They influence us by teaching us how to do things, such as cleaning, cooking, brushing teeth, and many more. Our parents have the responsibility to take good care of us in our home.They have contributed to what I know now, and influenced me about the things I like and those that I do not like.These individuals can significantly transform our entire life because we really trust them.Our parents influenced us by teaching us how to understand the world in our early years and later teach us to distinguish between right and wrong.The impact of teachers influences the way I think and that I should begin to believe my individual calling rather than just listening to whatever my parents utter.Throughout childhood, children do not face predicaments and parents teach them how to overcome problems. Besides, they hold up their children with no anticipation of something in return.I cannot picture my life without the help of my parents.Friends, unlike parents and teachers, can influence us either positively or negatively.It is believed that bad friends ruin good character.They are helping us find out our individual aptitudes.Our friends help us in dealing with our problems that we cannot work out alone and help us when we need something.


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