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To see the original article click here Obstacles are encountered by everyone; they are challenges and may give reason to ponder your direction.

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There are as many ways to overcome an obstacle as there are obstacles themselves.

It is not as important as to when or how as it is to actually overcome something.

Not surprisingly, mistakes anywhere on your college applications can hurt your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.

It all culminates at the beginning of senior year: After years of getting good grades, good test scores, and participating great outside activities, now is your chance to shine. Do you know how to stand out on a college application when there are thousands of other kids competing for the same spots?

Failure is part of it, as long as it doesn’t stop you.

Thomas Edison found 1000 ways how to NOT make a light bulb!College costs can cause many potential students to think twice about pursuing a college education.Scholarships are a great and often overlooked, way to get financial assistance to attend the school of your dreams.To look back at your life years from now and having the sense of pride one feels in their hard earned accomplishments is truly an amazing feeling.Where would we be as a whole if we gave up right as we were on the edge of a break through?Financial Aid has a page with scholarships available for those that have experience hardships, as well, and includes scholarships for those that are relatives of victims of 9/11.There are many opportunities available for those that need financial assistance for college, regardless of your situation.Here are a few examples to get you started along with some other places to look.For those with an environmentally conscious interest, the Ted Rollins Eco Scholars program is a must see.This is a 0 scholarship that is awarded based on a 250-word essay. The Kristina Flores Overcoming all Odds Scholarship is for high school students that have faced extremely adverse conditions, making it difficult to complete high school or pursue secondary education.It also provides scholarships for trade schools, as well as traditional colleges and universities.


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