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If the cost of a course is beyond your financial means, you may be eligible for a scholarship.It is hard for anyone to know what part of an application made a difference.

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While the "camp" part seems accurate, it doesn't say anything about behavior problems. He enjoyed it though it was not as challenging as some high adventure Boy Scout activities.

After talking to an older family member who did outward bound, we wondered if it has softened a bit in the age of helicopter parenting.

Some of the outcomes of this participation are listed below: The meaning of "Experiential Learning" is 'Learning through experience'.

Outward Bound programs and activities are designed to offer meaningful experience to the participating individuals.

While the "camp" part seems accurate, it doesn't say anything about behavior problems. It gave him the skills to do more camping and hiking activities.

I doubt he’ll put it on his college apps (he’s only a freshman) but maybe he’ll do other outdoorsy ecs in high school.

The organization was started because only about 65% percent of underserved students graduate from high school and only about 11% of those who graduate go to college.

A stunning number of them drop out of college because they are unsupported during their college experience.

"We would guard and defend and save the wilderness as a place for all who wish to rediscover the lost pleasures of adventure - adventure not only in the physical sense, but also mental, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, and intellectual adventure.

A place for the free." This quote by Edward Abbey aptly describes the essence of an Outward Bound course.


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