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Five key aspects, of typical I/O psychological work within organizations: (1) occupational stress; (2) job satisfaction; (2) (3) employee motivation; (4) emotions at work, and (5) organizational change (among others), are vividly, sometimes starkly represented within the movie Office Space.Occupational Stress Occupational stress is, most typically, a matrix of unpleasant emotions, including anxiety, worry, tenseness, irritability, and a feeling of being confused or overwhelmed, that can, and often does occur when one is overworked, fearful of losing one's job, etc.No one at In Tech (with the possible exception of Bill) was satisfied with his or her job. The task of the consultants was more to weed out people who could be fired than to really explore employee job satisfaction.

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Organizational Change A fifth topic that appeared in the movie was that of organizational change. Problem solving within the organizational hierarchy is often relegated to job specific activity to which one may or may not actual solve the problem inherently active in Environmental Psychology This is an interdisciplinary field which focuses on the relationship between humans and their surroundings.

Organizational change can be many things, such as when a company or organization changes directions, by downsizing, merging with another company, getting new management, etc. It defines the term environment broadly, including natural environments, social settings, built environments, learning environments, and informational environments. C.'s physical limitations and agreed to make the necessary accommodations to the parking lot and the office space where Mrs.

Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction, or being happy and fulfilled (or not) at work is another implicit psychological topic of Office Space.

This topic is important in I/O because one of the goals of I/O is to help companies increase employee job satisfaction.

No one who worked there had any motivation about the work itself.

Their only motivation was to keep collecting their paycheck.

Additionally, Melvin in the cubicle next door is playing his radio too loud, and a woman in another cubicle is talking on the phone in a very annoying voice.

The mere layout of the office space is stressful: everyone seems to be working almost on top of everyone else, and getting in each other's way.

Peter said, at one point to the consultants, "even if I do something really well (or quickly, or whatever) I won't make another cent." In terms of employee motivation from a psychological view, I/O teaches that different people are motivated by different things, e.g. The consultants were not really on track about what would motivate Peter at work.

They mentioned stock options, but they missed the cues he was sending out, with his clothes and his general behavior, that what might motivate him would be the opportunity to just be his natural self, at work.


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