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However, that time the scale of criminal phenomena encountered by the city authorities and law enforcement protection services, was incomparably greater, and details of solved crimes were worse.Canadian pig farmers appeared in court on a charge of twenty-six murders of women prostitutes. The total number of women who have disappeared since the early 1980's, and presumably killed by Pickton, is more than 60 people.The typological analysis, made by an inspector Rossmo and detective Dixon, allowed to distinguish the following features of personality and lifestyle details of the alleged victims of unknown maniac: - On their gender all the disappeared people were women professionally engaged in prostitution.

No bodies had been found, and the work of the investigation was hampered by specific ways of life of prostitutes.

However, some representatives of the local community blamed the police for lack of zeal and insufficient attention to the version of the existence of serial maniac (Gunn 2007).

Trevor Greene, the author of the book about disappeared prostitutes, admitted that he had heard about some "Farmer Willy", who invited Vancouver prostitutes to parties at his farm.

However, Green did not pay any attention to that information.

The Canadian city Vancouver, the centre of British Columbia, has got a specific dismal reputation in 1981 when there was exposed a pedophile and murderer Clifford Olson (Gunn 2007).

And it had to happen that after two decades, this city was again in the spotlight of world media, and because of very similar dramatic circumstances.Together with his brother Dave Pickton he also owned a saloon called Piggy's Palace.It was located near the farm and became a hangout of bikers and prostitutes (BBC News 2002).Nothing is known about the persecution of the missing women from clients, or conflicts in the circle of communication.There is no reason to believe that women were afraid and tried to escape.All missing women were drug addicts and alcoholics; All the missing women were linked to the area of the East Side; resided there and worked there.In the days of disappearance they were in the East Side or were going there; - None of the missing had a reason to move from the East Side.Search was not long, but the search results shocked the police.In a huge freezer at the pig farm were found human head, arms and legs.Robert William Pickton was born October 24, 1949 in Canada (Levitz 2007).Together with his brother and sister, he owned a pig farm, which was located on 10 acres of land in a secluded area near Port Kokitlem, east of Vancouver (Levitz 2007).


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