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He also makes use of technological tools like multimedia transcripts to equip the students with scientific......

Observation of Kindergarteners’ room Introduction Normally, kindergarten children are in the beginning of their schooling life.

His behavior changed from being friendly to being hostile and protective.

I therefore developed an interest to visit the school even after calling the teacher concerning his behavior.

However, different children take the changes differently.

I had not realized this before my third born went to the kindergarten.

Classroom observations raise the......, handouts, visual aid, Power Point presentations, pictures, postcards and flashcards.

The anticipatory set includes encouraging the students to actively participate in the discussion by sharing experiences with them, refreshing their memories and showing them graphics and video clips related to the topic so as to develop their interest.

On Friday 12 April 2013, I visited Hacienda Elementary School just to observe how children of my son’s.....Observation Introduction Teaching is not as easy as it is usually considered to be.

Teachers are responsible for not only the education oftheir students but also their all-round development just like the parents.


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