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Freedom versus control is another issue that nurses face.It is the patients’ right to make choices regarding their health.

Ethical problems in nursing are challenging issues that require a moral solution.

The moral problem arises when the situation, in which the dilemma occurs, is between the nurse’s values and the norms of other people.

Some of them are quality versus quantity of patient life, pro-choice or pro-life, freedom against control, truth or deception, to use empirical knowledge or personal belief and how to distribute resources.

Other ethical issues that nurses face are cultural diversity.

The nurse may be forced to consider the cost of maintaining these machines and the lives that could be saved in making decisions.

Conversely, the nurse is left with the choice of using empirical knowledge or useing her or his personal beliefs.With the society in mind, nurses have to make ethical decisions regarding patient care to be able to understand and identify ethical issues during nursing practice.The aim of this paper is to determine the ethical issues in nursing and to explore the factors that influence the dilemmas, providing strategies to counter the challenges.For instance, a nurse may not support abortion, but finds that caring for a patient who has aborted.In this case, the nurse has to support the patient, although both have opposing values.The decision to choose the neediest patient is left to them, thus sometimes becoming an ethical problem.However, family members may plead that the life support should be used for a medically ineffective patient.Patients have the right to know everything regarding their medical condition; however, the information can cause them harm.Nurses are concerned that sometimes patients are not fully informed about their condition and the treatment options (Park et al. Additionally, the doctors or clinicians may not present the patient’s voice in the prognosis.Quantity addresses the period the patient may live or the persons affected by any decision.On the other hand, quality entails good life of a patient depending on its definition.


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