Nursing Essay On Literature Review

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Collect together all the articles that address your research question.At undergraduate level, if you have around 10 articles, then this is ideal.These will enable you to work out how to search for literature on your topic. Think laterally about this and don’t forget to use words that are less common or have become outdated.

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Now consider which databases you will search through.

Go to your academic library website and read through the descriptions of each database and what each holds and select those databases that seem most relevant to your topic. Remember to familiarise yourself with the basic functions of the database you are using, remembering that each database is slightly different from another.

Significantly more will mean that you are not able to refer to the articles in sufficient detail and too few will not give you enough data to write your review. If needs be, refine your review question to fit the articles that you have. The next step is to consider the quality of the articles you have.

If you have too many articles, try limiting the focus of your question somehow. You might have a paper that is directly relevant to your research question but if the quality of the paper is poor it may not help you as much as you think.

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From this topic, identify a specific question that you can answer from the literature.

The key is to find a question that is not too broad.

It is generally a good idea to use a critical appraisal tool that is specific to the research design of your given paper.

This might mean that you need to use a few different critical appraisal tools if your literature review question requires you to access a wide range of literature. Using the critical appraisal tool, consider the strengths and limitations of the literature you have identified and consider how much impact each paper has in addressing your research question.


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