Nuclear Weapons Term Paper

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It centers on a global coalition of nations taking national initiatives to move the world back from the nuclear precipice by means of a long-term work plan.

On the part of all nations engaged in this joint enterprise, there should be tangible, convincing commitments to near-term actions, agreed among the relevant nations, regionally as well as on the global level. The political leadership in some nuclear-armed states won’t initially be prepared to endorse the concept of a world without nuclear weapons.

The nuclear dimension is not the only element of the global trends that have been re-shaping the international system, but it remains perhaps the most deadly.

It highlights several related international security challenges that also must be addressed more or less concurrently.

It was shown by the United States during the more than four decades of the Cold War.

This new struggle would become the defining hallmark of this era, which is still called “post-Cold War” because it has few defining features of its own.

Perry and former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft, says that while "the geopolitical conditions that would permit the global elimination of nuclear weapons do not currently exist," steps can be taken now to diminish the danger of nuclear proliferation and nuclear use.

The Task Force report, titled , focuses on near-term policies to reduce nuclear weapons to the lowest possible level consistent with maintaining a credible deterrent, while also ensuring that the U. nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, and reliable for as long as it is needed. policymakers take the following steps to lessen nuclear threats and promote cooperation on disarmament:− state clearly that it is a U. goal to prevent nuclear weapons from ever being used, by either a state or a nonstate actor, and that the sole purpose of U. nuclear weapons is providing deterrence for itself and its allies;− reaffirm security assurances to allies;− continue to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons and do so in a transparent manner, and take the international lead in reducing the salience of nuclear weapons in security policy;− seek further reductions in nuclear forces, beginning with a bilateral strategic arms control agreement with Russia;− seek to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), taking as many steps as possible toward this end before the Nonproliferation Treaty Review (NPT) Conference in May 2010;− call for a moratorium on the production of fissile material for weapons purposes;− strengthen the International Atomic Energy Agency's vital role of containing proliferation, including seeking universal adoption of the Additional Protocol and providing adequate and sustainable funding to the Agency;− work cooperatively to ensure that every state with nuclear weapons or weapons-usable materials -- even those that remain outside the Nonproliferation Treaty like India and Pakistan -- implements best nuclear security practices.

This process would be a key element of a joint enterprise.

A joint enterprise as discussed in this chapter would be an effort by nations, launched at the summit level and conducted over a long period of time, to control the destructive nuclear forces that threaten to overwhelm them.


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