Networked Control Systems Thesis

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This allows a robot to interact with the environment by shaping the energetic behaviour to take a desired form.

Such an idea leads to formulate Intrinsically Passive Controllers (IPC), which are control components that exchange power while preserving passivity.

By assuring that the energy exerted by the system as a whole does not exceed (a constant multiple of) the amount of energy inserted, the system can be analytically and practically stable and safe to interact with.

We have made these techniques more accessible and interoperable by embedding them in the Rob Mo Sys approach, creating meta-models and models to design and analyse energy-based control systems.

To achieve these results, we started by developing a metamodel (“design language”) of the bond-graph notation, which is a natural and versatile modeling language to describe multi-domain physical systems [1].

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We import the standard interfaces defined in the bond-graph metamodel required to generate components suitable for the EG-IPC approach.

This page is outlined as follows: we begin by presenting the motivation for this ITP, followed by the objectives and its role in the Rob Mo Sys ecosystem.

We continue by diving into the developed metamodels.

A common mitigation technique is the approach of passivity: when all components in a distributed system have the property of being passive - that is, that more energy cannot be extracted from a system than the one already stored or inputted into it. The problem with the aforementioned teleoperation setup is that undesired extra energy can be created by the quantization and delays [3], [4], leading to active behaviour that breaks passivity and hence compromising stability.

The EG-IPC ITP envisions all-time stable, loop control composable components using ‘energy guards’ to preserve passivity of the distributed system.


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