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Then the folly and shortsightedness of this age will meet with a degree of censure and reproach not pleasant to contemplate." In the same document, Ewbank also warns that "the vast multitudes of bisons slain yearly, the ceaseless war carried on against them, if continued, threatens their extermination, and must hereafter cause deep regret;" especially in view of "their great strength and docility, when tamed, and their capacity for being drilled to the yoke,...

The nation with the eleventh longest coastline in the world, and which is also 80% mountains and hills, beckons you.

Traditional upland villages with their special architecture and customs that go back centuries will welcome you in Pelion, Zagorohoria, Meteora, Olympus, Pindos, Rhodopi, mountainous Arcadia, Messinia, mountainous Nafpaktia, Taygetos, Parnon, and of course Crete with Psiloritis (Mt Ida), the Lefka Oroi (White Mountains) and their spectacular gorges.

There are 419 Natura 2000 sites, as well as 4 Geoparks that are part of the European Geoparks Network (EGN): Lesvos and its fossilized forest, the Natural Park of Psiloritis on Crete, the Helmos-Vouraikos National Park in the Peloponnese and the Vikos-Aoos National Park in the Zagorohoria region of Epirus.

The wetlands of Greece Greece’s 400 wetlands are places of special beauty and many are protected by the Ramsar Convention or belong to the Natura 2000 network.

The locals will welcome you at traditional guest houses and family-run hotels.

They will offer you local specialties, wine, raki and other authentic products at their restaurants and tavernas.

A popular anthology of American and European poetry on nature themes, The Rhyme and Reason of Country Life, reflects the preoccupation with idealized rural life of an increasingly urban and industrial nation, and epitomizes the taste for nature-related literature which was a major aspect of American letters by this time, and which strongly influenced the attitudes undergirding the conservation movement.

In an early example of the era's great government-sponsored scientific and ethnographic survey reports on the West, the U. War Department publishes the multi-volume Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean; these include accounts of surveying expeditions which greatly increase knowledge and interest concerning the Western landscape, documented by illustrations by artists accompanying the expeditions. Hammond publishes Wild Northern Scenes; or, Sporting Adventures with the Rifle and Rod, an important book in the nascent tradition of the hunter-conservationist, which celebrates the beauty and beneficence of the Adirondack wilds and advocates preservation of limited wilderness areas as resources for recreation and rejuvenation.

Leaving, you’ll take with you the experience along with a souvenir of honey or jam or herbs you saw gathered with your own eyes.

"My favourite place in South Trikeri is “Agia Vaso”, a diving spot.


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