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But my biological mother helped me to understand things every time I’m having a hard time making up things on my mind and in that early age, I can say I am awaken in a world where I always understood and trying hard to understand things the way they were and I’ve been trying hard to act normal and accept those things in my life for the sake of my mother and sister and also for my future.

Before she left and went far from us, she advised us to stay kind, to always obey to what our father’s telling us to do, to join his other families nicely, and lastly to pursue and continue our studies for we won’t have hard times in making a living in the near future.

I’m also been thinking that starting a business with my squad is a good idea.

Being with these gentlemen is such a real and awesome goal in life.

Aside from discussing things about our started business and such professionalism, we’d have celebrations, partying, enjoying life, out of towns, travelling the world and other interesting adventures with them are great.

Then a business which we started and managed will slowly become progressive, and then eventually… A black Goth tattooed one with a eye patch on his left eye. I came back into my body so quick, I got the air knocked out of me. No a bleacher with a man covered in some sort of shirt. The man insolently snapped ,“Shut it, it is preparatory! The tennis ball was cracked, crushed, flattened all over the court. I’d start thinking of things that can help to change the image of my fellow police departments.I know that this thing that I want to do is hard to accomplish but I’ve been dreaming of it since then.How can I help other people if I can’t even help myself to progress? Come to think it, police officers nowadays have been using their capability, position, and connections to put up a business which is obviously an illegal one, simply because they want a sure pull of money.I swear to myself that I will never be one of them; I am contented with what I would have as long as there’s no one being affected of the business I want to put up. Why am I on a trash can lid tumbling toward a cliff, you might ask? I am sledding down a hill on a trash can lid toward a cliff. But in this case it is me on a trash can lid sledding down a garbage heap tumbling toward a cliff. Another question you might ask is WHY THE HECK DO YOU NOT KNOW?!?!?! I was just on my comfortable sofa wondering about my future drinking some Mug Root Beer and BOOOOOOOOM!


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